Our Story

We are so much stronger together.
Our people, with one goal together.
To build the best relationships, together.
Facing tough times together.
Then planning our way through those times, together.
At 5:00am together.
Going home from our shared work together.
Achieving firsts together.
Having a cuppa together.
Awhi te tangata together.
Overcoming every little challenge and conquering every big mountain, together. Working, learning, falling down, getting back up, together.
Bringing our skills and determination to transform people’s lives, together. Creating a more caring society, step-by-step, community-by-community, together.

Celebrating together.

To revolutionise the way health and community services are delivered in New Zealand

A Sense Of Belonging.

Important things, and things most of us take for granted. But over 30 years ago, these most basic human rights were, without thinking, being denied to some of our most vulnerable. Instead, our frail and aged, our disabled and mentally challenged were all too often institutionalised, marginalised, forgotten.

But not by everyone.

Because the people who make up New Zealand Health Group now, saw a better way, way back then.

We decided to do something about it. So, we built healthcare organisations that brought many of those in need out of the dark days and into a brighter future with increased home care, delivering the feeling of community and independence everyone deserves.

We started educating care givers in best practices and began providing them with better resources. What was a challenge to the status quo became innovation, vision turned into reality.

And how that reality has blossomed. 

Like-minded, smart and savvy operators each with a desire to deliver quality care brought new services into the fold. In-home nursing, rehabilitation, behavioural support, all helped expand on a healthcare service that has continued to benefit from the passion and expertise the people that now make up New Zealand Health Group have brought to the industry. Relentlessly pursuing better
techniques and systems with the goal of being and providing the very best. Because when it comes to caring for our loved ones, only the very best is good enough. It’s time to set the bar as high as it can go.

We’ve done it before. In fact, we’ve never stopped doing it.

Leading from the front, with the wind in our sails and a driving passion to be the best. Because we know, that by bringing all our years of know-how and nurturing together, in one powerful force for good, we will deliver those in need and their families, a healthcare system that will be the envy of the world.

We’re New Zealand Health Group.

And we’re here to propel our industry into a new era of first-class quality care.